Our recent trip to Alaska took place at the end of August & early September. Normally Alaska gets a lot of rain around this time of year, but we were lucky to have clear, sunny days. By this time, there are many signs of fall, but summer green is still flourishing.  For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Light Greens, therefore, I present Alaska green, both natural and man-made:

In Fairbanks:

Handpainted vent in Fairbanks – there were several of these in the downtown area, each one painted by a different artist.

The signs below were in the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center. There was a section of the museum all about seasons. There were several “signs” of the end of winter, but I chose just one for this post.

A quilted picture of Denali National Park, using the more natural greens mixed with muted fall colors,  was also at the Morris Thompson Center.

“Mountains and Willows in Fall” (2009) artist unknown. Fiber Art: Quilt. Gift of the National Park Service.

Denali National Park:

Compare the colors in these views of the scenery in Denali National Park with the artist’s rendition above:

View on hike on Rock Creek Trail, Denali National Park
Rock Creek Trail hike scene

On that same hike, we saw the Alaskan version of willows:

In Alaska, willows don’t grow to be tall trees but they instead grow as plants closer to the ground. The short season of warm weather doesn’t give them time to grow into a tree. They can become quite tall, however.




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