WPC: Night lights

Some of the most spectacular “shining” comes from the moon. I have often tried to capture the full moon as it rises or sets. Night shots can be somewhat eerie, appropriate for Halloween! Here are some of my efforts, for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine. Street lights create some spooky effects, too. Note: All photos […]

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Thursday Doors: My home town

I live in Des Plaines, Illinois and I take walks almost every day around the neighborhood.  I have picked a few of my local doorway pictures that I like best as my contribution to this week’s Thursday Doors. These are pictures of just ordinary houses… …in my home town of Des Plaines, Illinois that were […]

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Monday Windows: Madison store fronts

Dale and I spent last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. There is a large farmers’ market on Capitol Square every Saturday which is famous and always crowded. Like spokes on a wheel, streets stretch outward from the square.  We went down a couple of these, including State Street, which has the most interesting shops and restaurants, […]

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Alaska 2016: Fog

August 23, 2016 Our cruise ship is traveling through dense fog and periodically sounding its horn.  The view was beautiful at first, as the fog rose from the surface of the water, creating a spooky effect as the tops of islands emerged out of the fog. The sky was streaked with pink and orange as […]

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