WPC: Solid and liquid H2O in Alaska

WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is on the subject of H2O (water). Here’s my take on it:

Reflection in water:  The native peoples of the Pacific Northwest carve beautiful images in wood and on totem poles. Many of their designs are symmetrical. Perhaps they were representing what the water looks like on a day like this.

Traveling through the Inside Passage in Misty Fjords National Monument one morning, the surface of the water was so calm that it mirrored perfectly the landforms and sky above.

For more pictures of this beautiful national monument, see my post Misty Fjords National Monument.

Falling water:

Nugget Falls is a river created by glacial runoff in the mountains. Nearby is Mendenhall Glacier.

Nugget Falls
Nugget Falls, Juneau

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Water-dwelling wildlife:

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Aquarium at Orca Point Lodge, near Juneau
Two salmon swimming upstream to spawn – note how thin they are and the white on their skin. This is from not eating for so long.

Solid H2O:

Glaciers can appear blue due to the blue light on the spectrum which reflects back to us. But glaciers take on other colors as well – they may carry with them chunks of mountainsides, rendering the ice brown or black, as is the case with Margerie Glacier.

Mendenhall Glacier and Lake
Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on all these beautiful things!

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