Monday Windows: Madison store fronts

Dale and I spent last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. There is a large farmers’ market on Capitol Square every Saturday which is famous and always crowded. Like spokes on a wheel, streets stretch outward from the square.  We went down a couple of these, including State Street, which has the most interesting shops and restaurants, owing to its popularity with University of Wisconsin students.

Here are some storefront windows in Madison, mainly on State Street.

The Tipsy Cow is a bar which serves “Dale’s Pale Ale.”
Monkeys at State Street Brats
“No evil” monkeys at State Street Brats
Insomnia Coolies - delivered until 3 am!
I imagine the service provided by Insomnia Cookies is much appreciated by students cramming for exams or writing a paper the night before it’s due!
lingerie & guitars
lingerie and miniature guitars


You can satisfy your sweet tooth with presidential candidate Donald Trump-themed candy!

Monday Windows 10/17/2016

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