Alaska 2016: Benefit for cancer research

August 27, 2016

Today was our second and final “sea day.”  It was a day to prepare to leave the ship early the next morning.

At 10 am, we met many others in the Ocean Bar on Deck 3 of the Noordam for Holland America Line’s traditional “On Deck for a Cause.”  They do this event on every sailing, on the last sea day.  It costs $20 to register which gets you a wrist band and T-shirt.  Proceeds benefit several research organizations around the world.  Jude told us the history of it when we were all convened, wearing our T-shirts over or under another warmer shirt.

Jude told us nine laps = 3 miles and throw in one extra lap just to make sure, which was the same as on the Eurodam. The ships seem to be about the same size, certainly the same configuration.

I started out walking with Dale, but he left to go to the bathroom and I kept going.  So most of the way I walked alone.  After the 9th lap I was tired and stopped to get some pineapple and water, and the very last chocolate chip cookie.  I decided to wait for Dale to come around; he eventually appeared and we walked the 10th lap together.

Later that day, both of our Fitbits buzzed – the 4th time for me this week!


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