Thursday Doors: Café do Paço

In the historic center of Curitiba, there is a “teaching cafe” – that is, it is a cafe in which the servers and those who prepare the coffee are students at the Escola Senac who are learning the art of presentation and serving of a good coffee. The students also learn how to prepare appetizers and sweets. When the server brought my cappuccino to the table, it looked like this:


We entered the cafe from another part of the historic building in which it is located. The building dates from 1916 and has been preserved as part of the historic patrimony of Curitiba. There was a beautiful door (not in use) near where we sat that I took pictures of, from both the outside and inside.

Outside the cafe

Looking out the windows of this ornate doorway, from where we were sitting, I could see the “tubes” that are waiting areas for city buses.  Do you see the heart?

Inside the cafe looking out

Thursday Doors, 12/29/16

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Café do Paço

  1. Are you in Brazil! Love this country, I was there in the summer, I went to Rio and Minas, I didn’t have time to visit the south part, but I heard is wonderful. Enjoy!

    1. We were there in November and I’ll be starting my travel blog on that trip soon. Stay tuned!! Brazil is like a second home to me – I have many friends there and have taken several trips there. I also lived in Northeastern Brazil for awhile, but my favorite area is the south, especially Curitiba.

  2. Wow nice to see this again, I was there 4 years back. I drove by and was immediately in love with this neighborhood, the historical downtown of the city is very picturesque and has lots of options to walk around, café´s, restaurants, etc. I had Lebanese lunch, it was great. Coffee is my weakness. I love to visit different café’s, whenever I can. At home I prefer my grinder brewer combo for fresh coffee but those never taste like café’s, don’t know what magic they do, haha.

    1. You are right – I got so used to freshly brewed coffee in Brazil and now we are back to our grind & brew and it does not taste the same.
      I love downtown Curitiba, in fact, if I were to live in Brazil again, it would be in Curitiba.

  3. It looks great from either side. I’ve never been to Brazil but a good friend of mine married a Brazilian who lives in the US and she really likes what she’s seen of the country (they live in the US.)


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