Thursday Doors: Way up north

Native culture in Alaska is rich and varied, yet all the native peoples of Alaska have developed the hardiness and ingenuity required to live in a harsh climate. In previous posts, I have featured native Alaskan cultures as tourists typically encounter them. Since it is very cold outside here now, I can imagine more clearly […]

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The aurora borealis

August 29, 2016          11:30 pm The aurora borealis is the result of electrons colliding with Earth’s upper atmosphere. Typically it forms 80-500 km above Earth’s surface. The electrons come from solar flares caused by solar storms, and while we were in Alaska we found out that 2016 is the 11th year of the solar cycle […]

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Alaska 2016: By Train and ATV to Denali

Monday, August 29, 2016                Today we had a 9-hour train ride from Anchorage to Holland America Line’s resort north of Denali National Park.  The train was also a collaborative effort between Alaska Rail and HAL.  This train was called the McKinley Express. We were seated in a specific car in assigned seats on the upper […]

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Thursday Doors: Vila Mariana

We just got back from Brazil, where we spent three weeks (more to come on that). One of the weeks, we stayed in Vila Mariana, a neighborhood in the largest city in the Western Hemisphere, São Paulo. Here is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors. It is common in many countries, including Brazil, to […]

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