Clube Curitibano is a social club in Curitiba to which my friends and their family belong. It was founded in 1881 and was originally a club for people of German descent but expanded with time.  This building is the older – and smaller – of the club’s properties. However, I’m sure it is the most beautiful.  The newer, more modern facilities are located elsewhere. In fact, Clube Curitibano is one of the largest in Latin America and offers a variety of activities, including a large fitness and sports training center.

The door of this lovely old building has beautiful ironwork detail.  Inside the entrance, a lit chandelier can be seen.


The front facade of the building; at the top is written in German Deutscher Sängerbund.


There were lots of workers about, setting up for a wedding, and there were many accoutrements for such an event scattered about.

We couldn’t go into many of the rooms which were locked or closed off. There was a “secret room” on the top floor (we had no access to that either) that most people didn’t know about.  German Nazis or Nazi sympathizers, as recent arrivals in Brazil, used to meet in that room, and they also built a secret tunnel under the building which led to a nearby church.  Wow.

A plaque on a wall testifies to the continued ties between Brazil and Germany.

The sign in Portuguese says, “Bureau for Commerce and Industry Brazil – Germany.”

Thursday Doors 1/19/17

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