Curitiba’s Municipal Market

November 12, 2016

We planned to go to the large Mercado Municipal, an enclosed market of mostly food stalls.  My points of reference were those in Peru and Mexico.

On our way there, we stopped for a late lunch at a popular churrascaria which catered to a lunch crowd, Pepino Azedo, which was about to close.  However, they were willing to serve us. The meat of the day was alcântara. This is not the type of churrascaria that serves 12 different kinds of meat! The waiter asked how we wanted it cooked – some wanted “mau passado” (rare) and I wanted “bem passado – ou meio passado” (medium well).  In the end, there was mostly med-rare to rare, but I found a few pieces to my liking – better that way, not too much meat on my plate!  I tried to fill up with onions and tomatoes and also French fries, although I didn’t help myself to a lot of the latter.  And there was farofa on the table (Eliane had it exchanged for a fresher container) – manioc flour, as we explained to Dale.  He put some on his meat and seemed to enjoy it.

This place was convenient because it was on the way to the Mercado Municipal. We parked across the street and went into the market, which was cleaner and more organized than I expected.

20161112_164137Carlos bought some fish to cook this weekend.  We tried several free samples and I bought some chocolates.  Eliane bought us two shot glasses at a store that sold a wide variety of cachaças. One says, “Eu (heart) cachaça” and the other said, “Eu (heart) Curitiba.”

Vo Milano Cachacaria  (Grandpa Milano Cachaca Store)- the only store in Curitiba 100% specialized in cachacas.


There was a place that sold palmito (hearts of palm), including long thick sticks of it, the size of which I’d never seen before – I didn’t know they could be that big.  But thinking about it, it’s actually the inside of the palm trunk and there are several sizes of palms.




Eliane also bought some different kinds of bananas – including a few plantains and little bananas called banana ouro and banana maçã.

Sights and flavors at the Municipal Market:






Cashew fruit – the cashew nut grows on the top of the fruit. Cashew fruit is often made into juice – it has a mild taste but fibrous texture.
Cacao fruit, from which chocolate is made




(Hot) pepper burns as it goes in, but it cures when it comes out.



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