November 15, 2016

Carlos and Eliane had quite a discussion in the car about which churrascaria (Brazilian steak house) was best.  They had given us an option of different kinds of restaurants, but Dale was interested in trying out a typical Brazilian churrascaria in Curitiba.

They settled on the “third best” one in town – Batel Grill.



Arriving there with Dona Lais at 1:45, we were told we’d have a 30-40 minute wait.  This was fine, even expected.  There was a bar and lobby full of people.

Like at Madalosso, there were complimentary mini batidas to sample in small plastic cups, as well as appetizers:  polenta sticks, mini meat pies (pastéis de carne) and French fries.  I had a batida de côco and another of maracujá. I ate a few polenta sticks but didn’t want to eat too much now, knowing how much food we’d be offered.

Dale in the bar with his empty batida cup

After we were finally seated, we got plates and went to the buffet.  I tried to put just a little of various different salads and things, but my plate was completely full when I returned to our table.

my plate of food! Is it a wonder I couldn't eat it all plus the meat?
My plate of food from the buffet!

To drink, someone ordered water and Dale and I ordered caipirinhas – actually mine was a caipiroska!  Waiters arrived with long spits of meat and carving knives.  I refused the first few because I didn’t have any room on my plate, but eventually I shoved food aside to make room for small pieces of meat.  Besides meat offerings, there were also pastas, pastéis and other kinds of food.

If you have ever been to a Brazilian steak house, you will know that the waiters show up with meat and long knives every few minutes, one after the other!

I ate very slowly and eventually couldn’t eat any more.  I think just the amount of food was overwhelming. I let them take my plate away, still ¼ full, including a piece of palmito (hearts of palm), which I love!

Dessert? Forget it!


One thought on “Curitiba’s “third best” steak house

  1. Mmmm! Churraasco! I haven’t been to that one in Curitiba, but in the end, they are all the same style. The meat has to be really badly done for it to be bad. I love churrasco!

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