São Paulo: Public art in Vila Mariana

São Paulo, November 18, 2016

Our plan for today was to walk to Ibirapuera Park and I asked our host how to get there.  He described it to me.  Leaving the building, you turn left and go until you get to a curve – I brought up a map on my phone GPS.  There are a series of viaducts and ramps but you can keep going – there’s a sidewalk and at some point a pedestrian bridge crosses over the highways.

We set out armed with this info, but when we came to the curve, we took the right fork which took us into some other streets, which happened to have some beautiful public art.

These dalmations were sitting on a ledge outside a building.

In a courtyard outside a private museum:

Wall art:






Tree art:


Looking at the GPS map, I figured out a way to get back onto the main street and it was actually good because we avoided most of the tangle of busy streets.

Under a viaduct:

On the other side of the viaduct post (not art – it’s where a homeless person apparently camps out):Homeless person's possessions

Emerging onto Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, we saw the MAC-USP (Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo) building designed by Oscar Niemeyer up ahead – a functional sort of building, not like his more avant-garde structures.



2 thoughts on “São Paulo: Public art in Vila Mariana

  1. Sao Paulo is very special in a sense that you will see a huge contrast between old and new, are and culture with concrete and poverty. I lived there for two years and I learned to love the city with all its craziness.

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