WPC: A Good Match

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, these are some good pairings or matches that I have photographed. I have grouped them into different types of matches.

Color matches

2 Red Chairs and Kayak (Wisconsin, 2014)
Yellow Full Moon and Windows (Des Plaines, IL 2015)

Couples/love matches

a pair of loons! They have been getting so close to the dock.
2 Loons on Lake (Wisconsin, 2014)

2 Cakes for a 50th Wedding Anniversary (Des Plaines, July 2015)

Bride & groom gaze at each other with love.
Sandy and Steve’s Wedding: Love Forever (Wheaton, IL 2014)
Cousins All Dressed Up at the Wedding Reception (Wheaton, 2014)

Artistic harmony match

Dwarf Japanese Juniper
Miniature Bonsai Trees (Chicago Botanic Garden, 2015)

Some things just go together matches

Little Boys and Fireworks (Wisconsin, 2014)
Katy and Double Fudge Ice Cream (Minocqua, WI 2014)
Dale Fishing in the Quiet of Sunset (Wisconsin, 2013)

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