Thursday Doors: Historical buildings in downtown São Paulo

São Paulo’s main branch banks and other government buildings are large, ostentatious edifices. There are super-modern buildings with all-glass exteriors, but these in the old part of downtown are built in the style of the early 20th century. Most of them are located along XV de Novembro and adjacent streets. Particular notable are the arches, decorative facades, and detailed ironwork.


Banco de Sao Paulo
Banco do Brasil is easily identifiable by its signature logo.


Banco Santander


City Hall main entrance
More of the City Hall Façade
8th Registry Office of the Capital of Sao Paulo

At nearby Praça da Sé is the imposing Catedral da Sé.

Church doorway
Cathedral main entrance
Igreja de Sao Bento
Church of Sao Bento

Some historical entryways are far less imposing.


Museu Anchieta marks the founding of the city of Sao Paulo. Unfortunately it is closed on Mondays!

Thursday Doors, 4/27/17




One thought on “Thursday Doors: Historical buildings in downtown São Paulo

  1. Some real beauties in this collection. Those churches and cathedrals are hard to beat for grandeur. Nicely done.
    In future don’t forget to swing by and add your link to our link-up list on my blog. just look for the blue froggie button near the end of my post – cheers!

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