Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is all about the sky. The temptation at first was to post pretty sunset pictures, but I noticed that often the most interesting sky pictures were not always sunsets, although many were close to sunset.

The first picture was taken last September at 7:23 pm CDT, when I was taking a walk in a park near home. I liked the juxtaposition of the orange sunset color and the half moon already risen.


About a month earlier around the same time (I love taking summer walks late in the day!), I took this picture. Yes, it’s a sunset, but I like the way the sun rays show up and the small clouds which are a contrasting color with the rest of the sky.


And speaking of sun rays, the next picture I took a few days later at 6:57 pm CDT. Blue rays shoot out of a cumulus-nimbus cloud, while above are puffy white clouds that look like cotton.
20160809_185714 (2)

The next picture I took on a late July morning in Minnesota, while on a trail near my hotel. I love the deep blue of the sky and the pale moon which has not yet set.20160725_082904 (2)

Earlier that month, we waited along with hundreds of others for fireworks to start on the 4th of July.


I love watching storm clouds build up. In 2013, we were on the Illinois tollway heading north to Wisconsin when storm clouds rolled in. This is a series of storm pictures.


The clouds were very menacing, but there was no rain – yet.
Dark clouds portend a late afternoon storm - on I-90, en route to the cottage

As the storm clouds continued to accumulate, part of the sky even looked green.

Vehicles on I-90 as the storm approaches.

Finally the rain came.

DSCN8089 (2)

It rained hard for awhile, but then, close to sunset, it cleared up. It begins to clear up, creating a lovely sunset.

Finally, my favorite sky picture: I took this in 2014 at our cottage in northern Wisconsin. The sky there had many moods, some dark and threatening, some brilliantly beautiful at sunset, and then there were delightful skies like this, reminding me of many happy days spent at the lake.

interesting cirrus cloud formation





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