Two Modern Architectural Marvels – São Paulo

November 22, 2016

We visited two architectural marvels today, one recommended by our host, the other we just happened to find.

Jewish Cultural Center: We happened upon this place on our way to Batman’s Alley and because Dale is Jewish, we decided to go inside and take a look. Celebrating Jewish history and culture since 2003, this center hosts special events and occasional book fairs and lectures, and also has a theatre and an art gallery.  It has a café that serves typical Jewish Brazilian fare (I wish we’d known that when we were there!).  The address is Oscar Freire, 2500.

Brazil 2016c 356

Brazil 2016c 353

Brazil 2016c 357

Brazil 2016c 354

Brazil 2016c 361

Instituto Tomie Ohtaki: This institute, inaugurated in 2001, has eight gallery rooms, four studios, a restaurant, café, and bookstore. It is dedicated to exhibiting architectural works as well as the plastic arts. Last November, it  had an exhibit of the works of Antonio Gaudí (Spanish architect who designed the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, among other things). We decided to go because it was only about a mile from Batman’s Alley.  Address: Avenida Faria Lima, 201, Oeste 01451-001. (Entrance is on Rua dos Coropés, nº 88.)






KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We were hungry by then, since it was past 2:00 pm, and noticed a restaurant inside.  (Part of it was the restaurant and part was the café – apparently only one of them was open while we were there.) There was a menu with somewhat reasonably priced sandwiches, but the waiter told us we could not order from the menu at that time. Our only choice was the buffet. It was a rip off at R$58 each (nearly US$20) and the selection, in my opinion, was not very good compared to other Brazilian buffets I’ve been to.

I thought the Gaudí exhibit was wonderful, but my husband was disappointed.





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