Thursday Doors: Historic León, Nicaragua

March 30, 2017 (Day 9 of our Panama Canal cruise)

We took a walk through this historic city. León is the third largest city in Nicaragua and, according to our guide, it has the largest art gallery in Latin America, with a collection of over 2,000 works. In addition, it has many other small galleries and shops which cater to tourists scattered throughout the downtown area. Like many Latin American cities, its buildings are bright and colorful.

Here are some of the doors of León’s city center.


Need a notary? Sr. Gonzalez is your man!

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A lush inner courtyard is visible from the entrance to this motorcyclist’s place of business.


Houses and businesses are painted in every conceivable color.



Inside the Basilica Cathedral looking out. Directly across the street is another beautiful door!


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The outside of Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption, which is located on the central plaza. Two major schools also border this plaza so it’s common to see school kids on their breaks hanging out here.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America (Haiti is the poorest). However, everyone receives free social services such as education through college and health care.  The revenue for these services comes from taxes, but not income taxes, because Nicaragua does not have income taxes.  Tax revenue comes from sales and property taxes.

Our guide, for example ,  lives in a modest house some distance from the city center. He and his wife own a Peruvian restaurant, but income from this is barely enough to live on. He told us that, for instance, he pays $0.88 from a vendor for a bottle of beer but sells it for $1.00. The profit margin is low.  He welcomes jobs like this, leading tours of foreigners from cruise ships, because it is extra income for him.  Whenever he gets a job as a tour guide, he and his wife go to the movies that night! Tonight they have it all planned – they’re going to see the new Beauty and the Beast.

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Shiny motorcycles and cars clog the streets of downtown, in contrast to the sometimes shabby building facades.


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Corner entrance to a pizzeria


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This theater hosts a variety of plays and productions. (In the foreground are my sister Mary, her husband Elmer, and our guide Pedro.)


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Entrance to City Hall. Someone needs to reattach the N in the word Revolucion over the doorway!


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Entrance to a laboratory – the place to go for a blood draw?


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Entrance to the Centro de Arte Ortiz Gurdian, the art museum we toured. This museum houses over 2,000 artworks.


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Beautiful tile-framed entrance to Artesanias Flor de Luna


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The Two Fridas Cafe

Thursday Doors, 5/11/17
















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