“Museum of Tomorrow” – Rio’s futuristic (?) museum

November 25, 2016

Today we had tickets to see Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), which my sister-in-law had purchased online in advance. This would allow us to avoid long lines to pay admission and just go right in.


I was both impressed and disappointed by my experience at the museum. I was impressed by the way the information was presented and the educational quality of the information (plus the fact that much of it was available in English or Spanish as well as Portuguese, which made it a lot easier for my husband, who is monolingual, and for me because I didn’t have to translate everything for him).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was disappointed by the fact that there really wasn’t anything futuristic or speculative. For example, the section on climate asks the viewer to think about what climate change is doing to our planet and how it affects or may affect them in the future, and presents the facts as they currently are about the issue, but it does not make projections about the future. I think it would have more impact if we could step into a mini virtual environment of the future where climate change can be felt.

This globe hanging above the waiting crowd’s heads changes to show different aspects of the Earth. We were waiting for admission to watch a video.

If you want to learn about a particular ecosystem, you can find it here. You can spend quite a bit of time reading the material available, but you need to pick and choose or you will never finish seeing everything!  That is what happened to me. Exhibits are also  presented in innovative ways using the latest interactive technologies.

DNA wall
KODAK Digital Still Camera
This room has a variety of species that you can select via touchscreen to learn more.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Enter this cube to learn about the diversity in the human species.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Inside the cube: Panels tell about race, economic activities, housing, and much more in the human experience.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Step inside this structure to see…
KODAK Digital Still Camera

The architecture was futuristic, simple and functional with sleek lines, in keeping with its theme and purpose, inside…

Brazil 2016c 512

and out…

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brazil 2016c 528

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Replica of the “14 bis”, the plane flown by early aviator Santos Dumont, considered by Brazilians to be the father of aviation. This was an interesting contrast to the futuristic look of the museum: Look to the future, but remember the past!


Just outside the museum’s exit, the “Plant Man” introduces himself to a young boy.


KODAK Digital Still Camera
And since it was 2016, year of the Rio Olympics, large letters spell out “Olympic City.”
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The backside of the letters were all painted with colorful scenes of Rio by Brazilian artists.


Yours truly sitting on one of the letters.





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