Rio de Janeiro: Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM)

The Modern Art Museum (MAM) of Rio de Janeiro was inaugurated in 1948 in the Boavista Bank building. Being just after the war, there was an emphasis on European artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee. In the 1950s, the building was built on its present site conceptualized by architect Affonso Eduardo Reidy. Roberto Burle Marx designed the gardens and landscaping.  The building was inaugurated on Jan. 27, 1958 with an exhibit by British painters and sculptors.

In 1965, the museum became the vanguard for modern Brazilian artists with the exhibit Opinião 65. In 1970, well into the period of the military dictatorship, the museum space was used for a massive “happening” for democracy, uniting the public and artists.

In 1999, the same year that the building underwent restoration efforts, MAM received the exposition Picasso: The War Years 1937-1945, which enjoyed great success with the public during its run at the museum. (Source)  Today the museum features Brazilian artists, although works by international artists are on display as well.  During our visit on November 27, 2016, here are photos of some of the artwork we saw.

Brazil 2016c 545


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Keith Haring (American) 1958-1990; “Untitled”: oil on canvas


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Carlos Vergara (Brazilian 1941 – ); from Cacique de Ramos series; print on methacrylate


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Efrain Almeida (Brazilian, 1964 – ); “Hands on Head” (2007); wood and oil


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Maria Martins (Brazilian, 1900-1973); “The Impossible” (1945); bronze


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Marco Cardoso (Brazilian, 1960 – ); “Souvenirs from Brazil” (2004); plastic packaging on wood


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Jacques Lipchitz (French 1891-1973); “The Kidnapping of Europe” (1938); bronza


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Ana Maria Maiolino (Brazilian, 1942 – ); “Glug, glug, glug” (1966); acrylic on stuffed fabric and wood


Opavivara (Brazilian, 2005 – ); “I Love Street Vendors” (2009/2010): plastic portfolio of photos and postcards)


Claudio Tozzi (Brazilian, 1944 – ); “The Scream” (1968) from “Revolt” series; acrylic on masonite


This installation is called “Phantom” (Fantasma)  and consists of what look like pieces of black fiberglass or plastic hanging from the ceiling. I don’t know who the artist is.
















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