Thursday Doors: Antigua, Guatemala

On our Panama Canal cruise in March, we stopped at the port of Puerto Ixtapa, Guatemala and from there we took a bus to Antigua. In Spanish, antigua means “ancient” – this historic city was founded in the early 16th century and spent 200 years as the colonial capital of Guatemala. Surrounded by volcanoes and earthquake […]

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WPC: Transient

The sky is constantly changing as clouds move across it, rain falls from it, the sun rises and sets, and sometimes rainbows form. Rainbows are special because they are transient, especially double rainbows! On our Dakotas trip in May,, Dale and I were returning to South Dakota after making a side trip to Devil’s Tower […]

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FOTD: Cactus flower

My neighbor, who is an avid gardener, was excited to show me something new in her garden: her prickly pear cactus has bloomed! Having lived in the desert, I know how special this is and that cactus flowers do not last long. Here it is in all its glory! Here’s a wider view of the […]

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Ships on the Panama Canal

In March, we took a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego, passing through the Panama Canal. Besides the amazing engineering that went into construction of this series of locks and lakes through the Isthmus of Panama, there were a variety of different types of ships passing through.  My first career was in export shipping […]

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