CFFC: Bumper sticker memories

When we were visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park, I happened to see this car pulling out of its space in the parking lot of the visitors’ center. It belonged to a young couple that we had casually talked to in the visitors’ center, so I asked if I could take a picture. I joked that since they are from Kansas – such a flat, boring state – I understand why they go on so many trips. They laughed in agreement. Their bumper stickers from many different states show the joy they have in traveling.  It seems one of them, at least, lives or lived in Illinois.


This Mercedes from Tennessee, however – well, it’s really been around – as far south in the hemisphere as Patagonia and now almost as far north as it can be, in Skagway, Alaska where I took this picture!  I could tell it’s seen better days, but its owner has no thought of selling it! He (or she) would lose a lot of bumper sticker memories if (s)he did!This car has been around!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things with Motors for House or Garage



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