CFFC: The “Necessary”

In the times before plumbing, people built outhouses behind their homes, which were sometimes called “the necessary.” In Fairbanks, Alaska, we came across two outhouses, one in Chena Village, a Native American village for tourists, and another outside the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors’ Center in downtown Fairbanks.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Neither of these looked as though they were available for public use!

When we were in São Paulo, Brazil later that year, we visited A Casa das Rosas, a 19th century house with rose gardens * on Avenida Paulista. There were two bathrooms in the house – presumably also not for public use, as the house was a museum, but my husband, not finding any other facilities close at hand, actually used the green one! He reasoned that since it was not cordoned off, it could be used. I hope the plumbing worked…



Dale let me take this picture after he had used the “necessary!”


*See my post about Avenida Paulista .

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bathrooms and Outhouses, July 11, 2017

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