My sentiments exactly! I don’t miss the work world at all! I have a new set of friends who are retired like me. I can plan trips at any time of year. I know I am fortunate, financially, to be able to do all this. My husband and I ard both lucky to have pensions that support our monthly expenses.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Retirement is better than childhood. You don’t work as a child, but they make you go to school — which can be as bad and sometimes, worse. Moreover, childhood is prepping for the work of your future. Other people set your schedule and tell you what to eat, drink, and wear. Now, retirement? No school, unless you feel like doing it. No one sets your schedule or tells you what to wear.

In your working years, you grow increasingly tired until one day, you look in a mirror. “Self,” you say. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“I could retire,” you point out to you. “I could pack it in, take the money” and as you think this, a little bell ding-a-lings deep in your mental recesses … a bell labeled “What money?” Have you sat with HR to find out what kind of money there is in your retirement fund? Do…

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