This is a reblog on an issue I care very much about. The author of this post and the questions she poses are important ones. Our politicians are always talking about ‘growing the economy” but if the economy grows and grows without stopping, doesn’t that mean the destruction of our planet? Why not STOP this relentless growing/consumerism, and pull back a little? If the wealthy were to share their wealth, there would be enough for everyone to live comfortably. We don’t have to give up ALL our creature comforts. The problem is, we live in a very lazy society. Although I care about this issue very much, I do catch myself doing things that are not as conservationist as I’d like to be. It’s something I continue to ponder as I pick up plastic items unnecessarily tossed out of cars or at picnic areas where the nearest recycling bin is 10 feet away. The picture she posted at the top of this post is shocking, yet shows how species sometimes manage to survive in spite of thoughtless wastefulness.

decluttering my life

The pressure is overwhelming to acknowledge the unsustainability of our lifestyle. Despite being shown photografic evidence, we let the process go on.  How can this narcissistic species  afford to neglect its own future? Is our intelligence overrated and are we fatally inconsistent?


I suppose that the answer may root in our self-destructive nature. We exploit our own body by clinging to bad habits although we know that it is the organism to contain us until the final day. Most of these self-destructive habits are deliberetaly pursued as they feel so good, later due to the difficulty of withdrawal. Besides we do not excel at long-term planning. Experts say humans actually live for the moment and a limited future.

Furthermore, humans are attracted by both actual and imaginary danger. We tend to solve lasting conflicts by using weapons and massacring peoples. In peacetime, we enjoy watching thrillers and horror movies. Pleasure center…

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