Roget’s Thesaurus suggests these words as synonyms of shiny:  glistening, polished, gleaming, sparkling (and others)…I used it to brainstorm what pictures would answer the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt ooh, shiny!  Here are some of the things I thought of:


A few days ago, I went out for a walk shortly after it had rained. I found this wilting pink flower, which glistened with raindrops.


In July, a brass jazz band played a concert at my church. This shiny instrument is a bass saxophone. 


20170716_100622 (2)
More members of the jazz band with their gleaming instruments. 


phone photos 217
In January 2016, we had our living and dining room wallpaper stripped and the walls painted. We had to move a lot of things stored in pieces of furniture, including a set of silver serving dishes that I’d forgotten all about.  They were very tarnished, so I decided to polish them – see how shiny the silver bowl and bread basket are! But when am I going to use them??







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