Commercial Doors in Des Plaines

For Norm’s Thursday Doors this week, these doors belong to businesses and stores in my part of town.

The businesses in this building have changed over the years – my son took guitar lessons here; there has been a yoga studio inside for many years; and now there is a counseling center. It used to be a dance studio for kids, so long-time residents of Des Plaines will always refer to it as “The Dance Studio.”  Last spring, someone decided to decorate this main entrance with a trellis for flowers and flower pots.


In downtown Des Plaines, on Ellinwood St., which I pass every time I go to the library, young people can learn martial arts. This is only one of several martial arts studios in town. Just down the street is a judo school and around the corner students can learn tae kwon do.


Right next door to the martial arts studio is this shabby looking entrance to a store that sells a little bit of everything, lots of kitsch. I don’t know the name of it, and in fact, I have never been inside.
On the corner of First Ave. and Rose St. is a large auto parts salvage place called Schimka’s. It has been here forever! Walking on First Ave., the piles of metal are hidden by a tall wooden fence, but turning the corner onto Rose, there is an open gate and this doorway to the office.





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