Two Septembers ago, I was taking a walk at 8:30 in the morning when a neighbor signaled to me to cross the street to look at something. As I approached, she said not to come any further, but just look. A spider had, overnight, spun this intricate web which stretched across the sidewalk, anchored by a tall milkweed plant and a tree. It was so delicate and complex – it’s always a wonder to me how a spider can spin such a large and beautiful design in such a short time. Yet this intricate structure, in all its beauty, is solely for the purpose of catching the spider’s dinner, and within a short time, due to other forces of nature, it will be gone. The author of this amazing structure is sitting right in the middle – perhaps she is resting after all that hard work!


From the other side:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

14 thoughts on “WPC: Structure of a Web

      1. You’re most welcome, and you were certainly lucky with the sun, there’s been a good few times I’ve tried to take pics of smaller webs than yours Amoralegria, and the sun always seems to be at the wrong angle! Lol!

      2. It’s so often the way, unfortunately 😦
        But at least you get to admire it πŸ™‚ My wife freaks at the smallest of spiders, I don’t know how she would cope with some of your wee beauties! Lol! πŸ™‚

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