FOTD: Gladiolus

My neighbor planted some seeds in front of my house in the spring and with all the rain we’ve had, the plants grew quickly. Just last week saw the appearance of my very own gladiolus!! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 8/26/17

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FOTD: White Roses

At Chicago Botanic Garden on the day of the solar eclipse (Aug. 21, 2017), these beautiful roses were as striking and unique as the eclipse itself! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 8/25/17

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WPC: Devil at the Corner

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is corner. In old town Antigua, Guatemala we visited the ruin of an old church, and down the street, at the corner, is the figure of the Devil. This was meant to frighten infidels if they didn’t convert.  Because our guide had told us about it, we were […]

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Pink Zinnias

I am participating in two challenges today: Cee’s Flower of the Day and Dutch Goes the Photo’s Pink (first time participating). I went with a friend to the Chicago Botanic Garden on Monday for their big eclipse event. While there, of course, I couldn’t resist taking more flower pictures! Different flowers were blooming this month […]

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A Walk in the Clouds

March 29, 2017                                 Costa Rica Today we were going to take “A Walk in the Clouds.” It was to be a hike in the cloud forest, crossing several suspension bridges and seeing hummingbirds and butterflies. Our guide’s name was […]

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WPC: Ooh, Shiny!

Roget’s Thesaurus suggests these words as synonyms of shiny:  glistening, polished, gleaming, sparkling (and others)…I used it to brainstorm what pictures would answer the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt ooh, shiny!  Here are some of the things I thought of:                    

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FOTD: Red coneflowers

I had never seen any color coneflowers except purple, but one day on a walk I saw these red coneflowers, and on the same walk I saw white ones. Coneflowers are more diverse in color than I thought! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 8/17/17

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