FOTD: Dahlia Show!

On Sunday, I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with my friend Marcia to see the Dahlia Show under the auspices of the American Flower Show Series featured last weekend. It was amazing! I really didn’t know about dahlias until Cee’s Flower of the Day feature, in which Cee often posts dahlias. So I was excited to see many examples of this flower I’d seen so many pictures of! I wasn’t prepared, however, for the amazing variety of dahlias! Some of them don’t look at all like what I thought of as a dahlia.

Marcia was very patient – she told me she was going to sit down and wait for me, that I should take as long as I wanted, so off I went to take way too many photos of the dahlias on display!   So in honor of Cee and her Flower of the Day, here are some highlights from the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Dahlia Show!

Did you know there are 20 different types of dahlia?

In one room, the displays were organized in categories having to do with Chicago, such as Fire, Wind, and Navy Pier.  People were invited to pick one to vote for. I voted for this one in Navy Pier:

Another Navy Pier, incorporating the Ferris Wheel:

Here is one from the category Fire. The artist intended to make a connection between the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, in which 300 people died, with the high homicide rate today (a headline from a newspaper says “On Pace for another 700 homicide year.”)20170910_141922

These were entries in the category Transportation. The first one incorporates the flag of Chicago as part of the rail car.20170910_141545
20170910_141503Another competition was according to the age of the plant, such as First Year Seedling, Second Year Seedling, etc.. The two below were in the First Year Seedling category.

Another room had a more extensive display, which were also organized by category, such as size of the flower, single blooms, multiple blooms, etc. The variety was amazing!


There was also a display of photographs of dahlias:

After seeing the show, Marcia and I walked around other parts of the Botanic Gardens, and returned home, weary on our feet, but happy with our outing. Arriving home, I found my very own (1st year seedling, 3rd bloom) dahlia!


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