CB&WPC: Candid Family Fun

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge with the theme Candid, I remember good times with family members this past July in Wisconsin. We rented two lodges from Black’s Cliff Resort on Lower Kaubashine Lake, near Hazelhurst for a week. Oh, yes, family fun time also fits into Becca’s Nurturing Thursday! Here are some memorable moments:

20170708_185306 (2)
Cake on Daddy’s birthday


20170708_192911 (2)
Games on the deck


20170709_171202 (2)


20170710_192218 (2)
Making s’mores!


20170710_094244 (2)
3-year old Sylvia puts away poker chips.


20170713_160620 (2)
Dale enjoys being at the helm of a boat – in this case, a pontoon boat.


20170713_162717 (2)
All the children must have life jackets.


20170713_163621 (2)
Mommy shows Frances how to take a selfie!










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