FOTD: Showy Stonecrop

Now that I have a garden app on my phone, I am finding out the names of flowering plants that I never knew before! Stonecrops resemble succulents, in that the leaves are a tiny bit puffy and hard. This particular type of Stonecrop (technical name hylotelephium spectabile) is very common around here because it is extremely easy to grow and it thrives in nearly any soil or climatic conditions. When I planted it, all I had to do was take a cutting from another stonecrop and stick the stem in the ground! Since then, it has thrived and expanded.  This photo was taken in my garden, although it could be just about anywhere in town!

The tiny pink flowers appear in early September before turning bronze and then lapsing into dormancy for the winter. Before the pink flowers appear, the clusters resemble broccoli flowerets.

I was lucky to have captured a bee in this picture!


Cee’s Flower of the Day, 9/28/17

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