CFFC: Katy in Katy

(Arrrgh! I missed “J”!)  In June of 2013, Dale and I took a road trip down to Texas. We spent a week in Austin visiting friends before heading to San Antonio and then to Houston. On the way to Houston, we came upon Katy, a town named for a railroad line. Of course, we HAD […]

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FOTD: Gaillardia

I love these bright little flowers, captured by my camera on Oct. 25! Gaillardia can be red, bronze or yellow, often with the edges of the petals in a contrasting color. Their centers are roundish, almost strawberry-like. They love the heat of the summer and do best in full sun with moderate water. I’d like […]

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FOTD: More October Blooms

For Cee’s Flower of the Day 10/29/17, here are some more flowers that were blooming on October 25. (Since then, we have had a freeze at night, so those days have come to an end!) I have been unable to identify what species these are, but they are pretty and fall-ish!

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FOTD: Red Mandevilla (Sun Parasol)

As the weather turns cold, I am finishing out the month with more flowers I have seen in full bloom this October. I saw this beautiful red flower the other day while walking in a nearby area. It’s called red mandevilla, also Sun Parasol. Although not native to Midwestern USA, they are hardy: once established, […]

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FOTD: Anthurium

I’ve always called these “phallic flowers!” However, I’ve since found out this flower is called anthurium (family araceae), although it is sometimes called “Boy Flower!” 😉 Anthuriums are native to tropical America, from Mexico to Uruguay; there are about 800 species. According to the web site The Flower Expert, the red flower is actually a […]

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