CB&WPC: Bismarck: State Capitol Building

The Bismarck State Capitol is unlike most others. Built in 1934 in Art Deco style, it is in fact a 15-story building, rather ordinary looking, but it’s the tallest building in Bismarck! There is one elevator you can take to the Skydeck, which is actually the 18th level, but only 15 of the floors are readily accessible.  Since the theme of Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge this week is indoor hallways and elevators, here are some B&W photos inside the building.

The Capitol building from the outside:20170526_131635 (2)

Hallways:  The interior is in fact quite dark, with the use of dark woods and darkish walls, depending on artificial and natural lighting.20170526_133230 (2)

20170526_132851 (2)

20170526_133746_001 (2)

There is also the North Dakota Hall of Fame  in the main hallway off the entrance. Actress Angie Dickinson is at the end of this row and on the other side are rock ‘n’ roller Bobby Vee and author Louise Erdrich. 20170526_132221 (2)

Elevator doors:
20170526_133446 (2)

20170526_133854 (2)



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