FOTD: Virginia Spiderwort

This is another flower I looked up on my Garden Answers app! I captured it right here on my street a few days ago. Its common name is Virginia spiderwort; its technical name is Tradescantia virginiana. It is a dainty flower that, according to the Ladybird Johnson Wildlife Center, lasts only one day, so I’m glad I found it! It is called spiderwort because of its  angular leaf arrangement, which looks like a squatting spider. After the flowers open in the morning, the petals wilt in the afternoon and turn into a jelly-like fluid. The hairs on the yellow stamens in the center contain chains of thin-walled cells and for this reason are a favorite for examination under a microscope in biology classes.

Cee’s Flower of the Day, 10/23/17

2 thoughts on “FOTD: Virginia Spiderwort

  1. Nicely spotted and captured!

    Thanks for all the cool info too. 🙂

    Maybe it’s just me but i can’t see a squatting spider in that leaf arrangement. 😉


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