CFFC: Katy in Katy

(Arrrgh! I missed “J”!) 

In June of 2013, Dale and I took a road trip down to Texas. We spent a week in Austin visiting friends before heading to San Antonio and then to Houston. On the way to Houston, we came upon Katy, a town named for a railroad line. Of course, we HAD to stop there, just to see my name in big letters, even spelled the way I do!


Old train station and museum
Katy (me) in Katy – the railroad depot

A historical marker tells about this historic railroad.




Keep Katy Beautiful! But I already am, darling!!
I’m ALWAYS beautiful – haha!



My name was everywhere in this town, even on magazine covers!
The Katy Railroad station has a little museum in it. Here I am standing next to a magazine rack, my name printed on the cover of all of the magazines!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Letter K




8 thoughts on “CFFC: Katy in Katy

    1. It’s sort of a small town,. We didn’t go into town at all, just the railroad station, plus we often stop for historical markers! Anyway, of course we had to stop at atown named after me – haha!

      If you’re going to Houston (which I hope will be recovered from Harvey by then), check out The Orange Show (which I did a post on), and down the street Smithers Park, with mosaic art designed by local artists.

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