FOTD: Greenhouse Flowers

Often I can find a label for plants in a greenhouse, but I could not for this one. It extended over the path I was walking on and I thought it was lovely and delicate. (And it’s orange. 🙂 ) The blooms look like miniature flamingo heads! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 10/24/17

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October Trees

October trees paint the landscape with bright colors, their branches a display of yellow, red, orange, tinged with gold by the sun low in the afternoon sky. October wind blows, the leaves rustle and tremble. Wrested free from their branches, they scatter, chasing, teasing each other as they flutter through the air. Patterns of red, […]

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FOTD: Virginia Spiderwort

This is another flower I looked up on my Garden Answers app! I captured it right here on my street a few days ago. Its common name is Virginia spiderwort; its technical name is Tradescantia virginiana. It is a dainty flower that, according to the Ladybird Johnson Wildlife Center, lasts only one day, so I’m glad […]

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FOTD: Flowerfence

I had no idea what this odd-looking flower was. It was in one of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s greenhouses and it wasn’t labeled that I could see. Since then, I have downloaded a Garden app on my phone to help me identify plants! And I found out that this is a “flowerfence” (technical name is […]

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FOTD: Morning Glory

For Cee’s Flower of the Day, today I present the morning glory, a member of the Convolvulaceae family. I have had them growing on a garden fence which has since been taken down. This particular one was growing on another fence which borders a neighbor’s yard. I took this photo in early September. Although there […]

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WPC: Glow

WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of glow.  I captured these prairie grasses glowing in the sun late on a September afternoon. 

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