Sunday Trees – Monterey Peninsula

First, congratulations to Becca on her 6th anniversary of Sunday Trees. Second, this is my first time participating in this challenge, although I am fascinated by trees and have a huge archive of pictures of trees!

But for today, I decided to feature the trees (and other sights) along the 17 mile drive on Monterey Peninsula, California, where we traveled in December 2015, to spend Christmas with Dale’s sister, nephew and family who live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2015-12-23 17.47.44

I hadn’t been to the Monterey Peninsula in many years, but remembered the 17-mile drive as one of the most beautiful in the country! Anytime I travel on the Pacific Coast Highway (which this drive is a small piece of), I have a particular piece of classical music that I always listen to, because it is so evocative of the nature of the Pacific coast: Symphony No. 1 by Gustav Mahler. If you own this music or want to download it on YouTube, I invite you to listen to it while looking at these pictures (although it’s not the same as seeing the scenery for yourself). Here’s the link:Ā

The wind blows constantly along this stretch of road and coast, so the trees and even rock formations are shaped by wind erosion, as well as by the constant motion of the waves breaking against the rocky shore. The trees take on windswept, sometimes gnarly shapes.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Wildlife: Birds on rocks, sea lions basking on beach

As the sun began to go down in late afternoon, the landscape looked even more dramatic.








Finally, we stopped at the ritzy Pebble Beach Golf Course and Clubhouse. The trees in front of the clubhouse were covered in festive lights for Christmas.20151223_175151



Partial view of the golf course and sculpture “Just Like Dad” by Walt Horton, 1997.

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