Walk in the Woods

All across the Chicago area are forest preserves with walking/biking trails, picnic areas, etc. Last Thursday was a cool, but sunny, beautiful fall day for a walk in the woods!20171103_144613_002


This map shows the region’s system of forest preserve and trails. This particular trail parallels the Des Plaines River. North of here, trails lead to small lakes.

The trees were brightly dressed in their finest fall colors.20171103_145841



We saw two women standing in the woods and soon realized what they were looking at: a deer couple – doe and buck! The women were able to get quite close before the animals took off into the forest.20171103_141212


Deer are quite common around here, and it wasn’t long before we spotted another doe or two ourselves.

Of course, as with any forest, there were plenty of fallen trees, but I found this particular stump interesting because it looked like it had a giant bug on it!


Near the end of the section of trail we walked, the path widened and went under a viaduct, over which cars whizzed along I-90, the Kennedy Expressway.  We finally got a view of the river.


Unfortunately, under the viaduct was lots of ugly spray-painted graffiti. Still, I could see that some of the graffiti “artists” had some talent, and thought their creativity could be better harnessed by having them paint murals under the bridge. On the sidewalk just past the bridge on the way back, someone had used strong language to express their opinion of our current president (and while I would have used a less offensive word, I did agree with the sentiment!).20171103_143352

As we headed back, the afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees added to the brilliance of the colors.



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