WPC: Experimental Photography and Drawing

When I got my new computer last spring, I was chagrined to find out that not only Photo Gallery wasn’t included, but that I could no longer download it!!

Apparently, many of the features of that program have been incorporated into the Photos program that comes with Windows 10 – not all, by any means, but some at least! (I don’t have Photoshop, but am thinking of buying it.)

I looked for pictures to experiment with. Through cropping and enhancing, I put the focus on a bench on a rocky shore in Monterey Peninsula, CA, which I think is a lot better than the original.

The original:

After cropping/enhancing and experimenting with contrast:
20151223_163346 (2)

Some other experiments had less interesting results – this sunburst came out quite dark originally:
20151223_170202 (2)

The experimentals:

Actually, just lightening the contrast actually improved the picture (last of the four).

On my cell phone, I also have done some experimenting with color, filters and contrast. Here’s one that I like of my husband fishing off the pier at our cottage in northern Wisconsin in 2013 (first picture is original, second is experimental):

I have also done some experimental drawing (admittedly for a summer art class) – using various bones of a skeleton. Here are collages I made using a vertebra (the first is using colored pencil only, the second incorporates colored pencils and watercolor):

I also used a full skeleton model to draw using color pencils and with charcoal only:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

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