Every week, a local florist creates two bouquets for our church altar, arranging them into two silver vases. After church, a “flower committee” gives each often to people who couldn’t make it to church for one reason or another.  Since I had surgery last Monday, they designated one of the bouquets for me, probably assuming I wouldn’t be at church today. I was there, but they gave me the bouquet anyway.

I took it home and before dismantling it to divide it into two vases, I took this picture.


Today was also my 22nd wedding anniversary, so this bouquet took the pressure off my husband to get me something! 🙂

Actually, Dale did me a big favor today:  I was supposed to attend a play with a friend, but she backed out at the last minute because she’s been sick. Dale went with me instead, so I wouldn’t have to go alone!

Cee’s Flower of the Day, 11/19/17.

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