Signs for All Occasions

Ooh, I love this topic! Signs are so diverse that I have an archive of sign photos!  If you wish to join in the fun, Nancy Merrill has A Photo a Week Challenge every Thursday; this week’s topic is Signs.

Signs can be informative…

2016-06-17 14.22.46

Sign over a dentist’s office in Chicago




…or funny!

Good sign! (Fire and Ice, Marengo)

In a restaurant in some small town in north central Illinois



Dale and I still laugh when we remember this sign we saw in Buzios in 2003!

Someone had translation trouble! Buzios, Brazil



On a corner near downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin



They can be thought provoking….

This is on a wall next to the parking lot across from SAMA.

On a wall by the parking lot of the San Antonio Art Museum




Inside a restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri



…or lend ambiance to a place, such as…

Mader’s German Restaurant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

and old town Quebec City, Canada:

Signs also convey social and political opinions:


Women’s March, Chicago, Jan. 21, 2017


Sandy's sign - she used flowers from her wedding poster - "repurposed"

My friend’s sign at the Women’s March



At an exhibit about the 1960s cultural revolution at the Montreal Museum of Art, Oct. 2017






Sign in our front yard










CFFC: S Colors

This week, Cee’s Fun Foto Alphabet Challenge is letter S, with the topic of colors starting with S. Here’s my gallery on the subject:

Sea Pearl

“Sea pearl” is the color name given to this 2017 Prius, my new car! The color was a major factor in my selection of this particular car at Schaumburg Toyota. 

Stainless Steel

Drinking fountain in women’s locker room, Prairie Lakes Center, Des Plaines


Silver snowflake holiday decoration at Prairie Lakes Center, Des Plaines




Salmon floor tiles, Prairie Lakes Center, Des Plaines




Las Bovedas shopping market, Cartagena, Colombia




This is the corner of walls in our dining room.  We had our whole downstairs painted last year. The color I picked for the dining room is called “Sand.”


Sky Blue & Scarlet

Bright flowers growing on a tree contrast with the blue sky, at San Diego Botanical Gardens in Balboa Park.


Scarlet & Slate20171108_121950



WPC: Favorites of 2017

20170527_200455This brilliant rainbow appeared after a rainstorm and close to sunset on a May evening, on our way back to South Dakota after visiting Devils’ Tower. It’s my favorite because the rainbow was so nearby, that I could see it “touch” the ground.

20170920_191538I took this photo from inside Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier in Chicago last September. It was just past sunset. I love the different hues of blue with the silhouettes of skyscrapers in the background.

20171117_123431 (2)This is sort of an oddball photo, but it’s one of my favorites because of the subject matter. Leaving a lecture at a local community college in November, I passed a room with all these microphones sticking out of the wall. I’d never seen anything like that before and it just struck me, particularly the different bends in each of the cables, creating a sort of chaotic group of curvy black shapes. Then I played around with the light and special effects on the photo to create this result. The closest microphone has a sort of light aura around it, which I tried to enhance further, but couldn’t with my limited photo software. Anyway, I think it’s kind of cool and would like to take more photos of unusual subjects like this.

20170821_122819.jpgThis is probably my favorite picture of flowers this year. I took it at the Chicago Botanic Garden in August. The purple and blue combination on the flowers is so vibrant.

20170713_165802Finally, I was excited to get so close to a pair of loons while on a pontoon boat ride on Lower Kaubashine Lake in Wisconsin with my family last July. I had seen them earlier in the week and knew they had a chick, which was fishing with them on that earlier day. On the pontoon ride, we somehow ended up coming between the loon parents and their baby! The pair approached the boat cautiously and we watched them so quietly, until they began to make distress calls (this is a sort of up and down trill and denotes a warning or danger). Everyone on the boat was trying to get Dale to speed up so we wouldn’t be blocking the pair from their offspring, who had begun to make a distress call back to its parents. Although it was exciting to see them up close and snap several pictures of them, we also wanted to leave them alone. Over the years we have been spending some summer weeks in northern Wisconsin, I’ve gotten to really love these beautiful water birds and the variety of vocalizations they make. Loons are very shy birds, even though they have, by necessity, become used to sharing their habitat with humans. This is a fairly recent phenomenon and so it is still special to be able to observe a loon family at such close range.

Weekly Photo Challenge, 12/20/17

CFFC: The R’s Have It

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is to post photos of things that start with the letter R and have at least six letters.



Natasha Stojanovska performs  at St. James Cathedral, Chicago.




One of my all time favorite pictures that I’ve taken. I was walking in the woods shortly after a rainfall when I saw this leaf.




My husband and I were caught in a downpour in the middle of a walk. We finally huddled under an awning and waited for the rain to abate.




Another of my favorites. This brilliant rainbow appeared over the fields alongside our car as we drove back to South Dakota after visiting Devils Tower in Wyoming. Just after we left Devils Tower, it started to rain, but cleared up by the time we crossed the border back into South Dakota.


Railway station


Ogilvie Transportation Center, downtown Chicago


Railroad tracks


Waiting for a train downtown in the evening, in front of Des Plaines Metra station. It had just started snowing.



KODAK Digital Still Camera

Reflection of the sky and mountains on the sheen of still water, Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska



WPC: Going Up?

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ascend.  If I were a bird, I would spread my wings and fly! Since humans have no wings, we have created other ways to go up…

Escalators at Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago (two of these go down, one goes up)20171211_175047

Circular stairways at Grand Ave. Mall in MilwaukeeSONY DSC
The funicular and the stairs connecting Upper and Lower Old Town, Quebec City, Canada

Want to see the view? Try Chicago’s Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier!

Circular stairway at Museu da Arte Moderna (MAM) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I did a long post several months ago about going up Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar) in Rio de Janeiro, including a video of our cable car ascending. Here it is again:


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Some are getting ready to descend, or are disembarking after ascending!

Winding staircase and marble staircase at State Capitol, St. Paul, MinnesotaKODAK Digital Still Camera


Elevator door, State Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakota20170526_133446