WPC: I Hate Winter!

We have been experiencing Arctic cold temperatures here in the upper Midwest since just after Christmas. Yesterday, I was commiserating about the cold with my dentist, who feels the same way about winter that I do.  Once Christmas is over, we are in for short, cold days and long nights.

“I don’t like anything about winter,” she said.

“Me either,” I replied.

But I was wrong: there is ONE thing I like about winter (OK, two things!). First, the landscape just after a snowfall, when snow laces each tree branch and the ground is pristine and white. (Best if admired from INSIDE the house!) Admittedly, it is a very photogenic time, though lacking much color.

New fallen snow at sunrise - from front of the house

New fallen snow at sunrise – from our driveway before I went to work (2014).


The second thing I like about winter is the END of winter – perhaps a little before the official end on March 21-22, when new growth appears, in my garden and around the neighborhood. And I wouldn’t appreciate this so much if we hadn’t gone through the winter months first. It’s amazing how perennials hibernate under the ground all winter and still survive to poke their way out into the sunshine.

New life in a new season of growth. Springtime!

First flowers: snowdrops – how I long to see them!


A patch of violets in my backyard

Violets last March


Growing things in my garden: tulips & daffodils

My garden in early spring


We are subject to the whims of the weather. The first photo was taken at about the same time (mid-March) as the others, but in different years!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth  

(I know – I’m submitting twice for this challenge – is that cheating??)




13 thoughts on “WPC: I Hate Winter!

  1. SNOWDROPS!!! I planted mine just off the corner of my patio, so that when the Idaho winter FINALLY comes to a close, I’ll clearly be able to spot these little signs of “life after Snowmageddon!” ~ Lynn

  2. Lucky you – you get to take ‘black and white’ photographs with a colour camera! 😉

    Winter’s end confirms that old adage…”Absence makes the heart grow fonder!” After three or more months of seeing little to no green you REALLY appreciate even the tiniest of green shoots popping up in your garden you otherwise would not think much about. 🙂

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    • I know, I would move there if the winter weren’t so prominent! But even so, I have heard that the winters – at least in southern Finland & Scandanavia – are not as cold as they are where I live, near Chicago. That is what bothers me the most, the extreme cold (close to 0° F for days on end). My body has a lot of trouble adapting, even though I grew up around here as did my parents and grandparents. Finland is very beautiful and I would visit in the winter to see its winter charms!

  4. I live in the tropics and a winter wonderland of snow seems fascinating. But I hate the cold and the dark and the gloominess that accompanies it. I am planning a month’s stay in NJ with my daughter this February and am quite apprehensive about how I’ll cope with the cold!

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