WPC: Journaling for Growth

WordPress’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is about Growth: In this first week of the year, many people anticipate beginnings, changes, and opportunities for growth. Share with us an image that evokes this spirit of change and newness — [such as] an empty journal waiting to be filled. Growth is very personal, and I encourage you to interpret this as literally or as broadly as you like.

Jen H., who is hosting the WPC this week, also includes this quote in her post about growth:
“Our growth depends not on how many experiences we devour, but on how many we digest.” — Ralph W. Sockman

Thinking about growth this way reminds me of my favorite Christmas present this year, which was a new travel journal!

20180103_134941Our daughter gave it to me in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Tanzania at the beginning of February. She knows I always keep a journal when I travel (and use as the basis for my travel blog posts), but this one has a different focus entirely. I usually do my journal chronologically, but this journal encourages an entirely new set of parameters. There are pages for me to write, or draw, or tape something, on every conceivable topic. Here’s a sample page:travel journal page

There are pages to write or draw, etc., impressions to record using all five senses, as well as pages about the people, culture, etc., but all in a state of mindfulness. The first several pages gives some instruction on how to practice mindfulness, especially through meditation. I plan to use this as a vehicle for growth this year.

Experiences are great opportunities for growth, and working on this journal in a unique and mindful  way will allow my travel experience to be richer.

After I come back, maybe I will post some of the completed pages from this journal!





12 thoughts on “WPC: Journaling for Growth

  1. I’d love to know where you daughter found that journal. Would love to have one…or at least to see all of the prompts.

      1. I found it on Amazon…after doing just a regular search (not on amazon) for “mindful travel journal”. I added it to my wish list as I don’t know when I’m going to get to travel again.

      2. Glad you found it! My husband decided to get one too, so our daughter has ordered another one on Amazon for him.

        Actually, I think you could use the journal for a metaphorical journey as well as a real one. It lends itself to being used in non-conventional ways.

      3. While “looking inside” on Amazon.com and reading the parts they showed, it brought back so many memories and smells from the two trips to Thailand I took in 2009 and 2010…I wish I would have had it back then. Luckily I did keep a daily journal, just didn’t have any prompts.

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I don’t always do the mindfulness exercises but the focus of this journal is helping me realize that when I travel, I don’t have to obsess about seeing everything and photographing everything. I can let go and it will be OK.

      1. That’s so great. I appreciate that. I have a doctorate in spiritual science, and as part of my treatise, I did a forgiveness journal. There was something about writing it down that helped me to document my inner experience, let it go, and open to the good. 🙂

        Have a great week. Blessings to you – Debbie

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