WPC: Winter Silence

Silence is a good topic for winter landscapes. There isn’t much sound when everyone stays indoors, keeping warm, perhaps, while enjoying the view of fresh fallen snow. Animals hibernate. Snow muffles sound. Non-migrating birds are too busy finding food to sing.

I took these photos today, a cold, blustery day, of a deserted park behind the walking track where I was getting my exercise.  The volleyball nets bend in the wind, but are silent; the bike racks and benches stand empty. The walking/biking path glistens with patches of ice. The only sign that someone has crossed the park since yesterday’s snowfall are cross country ski tracks.20180117_145239_001


Prairie Lakes Community Center, Des Plaines, IL


7 thoughts on “WPC: Winter Silence

  1. Yep – looks pretty peaceful. This winter has definitely been one to be inside mostly,,,,,brrrr. I’d have to go back pretty far to remember a winter quite this cold. Nice pictures, and I like silence 🙂

    1. Thanks! Actually, where I live, this winter isn’t too bad – 2014 and 2015 were worse. Extreme cold and lots of snow from December to March! It was the “Arctic vortex”!

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