WPC: Do You See A Ghost?

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is a photo or photos of a Variation on a Theme.

A few days ago, it looked like there was a ghost in our house!20180117_154902

Some odd specter floated in the air across our living room…20180117_154905

My husband noticed it first. I had been sitting in the white chair you see in the photo and I didn’t even realize I was being touched by a spirit!
From where he was sitting, I could see it and took these photos. What could it be??20180117_154922

It began to dissipate…20180117_160052

It turned a little bluish.

The sun that had been shining through the window in the next room disappeared behind a cloud, and with it went the ghost.

Because it wasn’t a ghost at all. It was the vapor emitted by burning incense in the dining room. A draft came from the back of the house, pushing the vapor into the living room, where it was illuminated by a ray of sun as it floated through the room.

If I ever again see a photo that someone has taken with this ethereal “ghostly” look to it, to prove they’ve seen a ghost, I’ll know it was Do-It-Yourself special effects!

And now for some ghostly music:   Spooky Ghosts

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