FOTD: Scorpion Flower

This Tanzanian flower is called “Scorpion Flower” because of the way it curls up like a scorpion’s tail. It reminds me of a fern. And it is not just one flower, but a lot of tiny white blooms. I saw it quite often aton Tarangire National Park but this picture was taken on the Serengeti […]

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FOTD: Tarangire Flower

I don’t know the name of this flower, but it may be related to the morning glory. I took this photo at Tarangire National Park. The close up is first, and the second picture is a group of these flowers in the foreground, against the backdrop of beautiful green grasslands, baobob and acacia trees in […]

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Tanzanian Pairs

Paula at Lost In Translation has a weekly challenge “Thursday Special.” This week’s topic is pairs. Elephants (mother and offspring) in Arusha National Park after a mud bath! A pair of Bare-Faced Go Away Birds up in a tree Curious mongooses check out what’s going on from the safety of their hole in a termite […]

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FOTD: Jasmine

On our first full day in Tanzania, we started the day with a hike. This gave us the opportunity to appreciate the small things, that usually one doesn’t notice from a moving car.  We all stopped to smell the perfume of the jasmine. I didn’t expect a flower so famous for its scent to be […]

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WPC: Sweet

Our recent trip to Tanzania began with four days in Amsterdam, Netherlands. My brother has been there several times and recommended a place to find the best poffertjes – a famous Dutch sweet that is something like a small doughnut but soft inside. They are served with butter and powdered sugar, and at De Vier […]

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CFFC: Tanzania Z’s

I’ve just returned from Tanzania! Just in time to contribute to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge’s last letter of the alphabet, Z! TanZanians…are Maasai, Chaga, and many other tribes. They are proud of their ethnic identities but are first and foremost Tanzanians.   Zebras are often seen migrating with wildebeest. The zebras remember the route and […]

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