CFFC: Tanzania Z’s

I’ve just returned from Tanzania! Just in time to contribute to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge’s last letter of the alphabet, Z!

TanZanians…are Maasai, Chaga, and many other tribes. They are proud of their ethnic identities but are first and foremost Tanzanians.SONY DSC


Maasai village dancers


2-7 teachers at Maasai school

Teachers at a Maasai village elementary school

Zebras are often seen migrating with wildebeest. The zebras remember the route and the wildebeest can smell water.


Zebras and wildebeest migrate together.


Zebra herd


How many zebras are in this picture? Three? Four?

Of course, among the most popular residents of Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti plain are the big cats. Lions are often seen taking a nap (catching Zzzz’s).


Lioness with cubs. Some of the cubs want to play and explore but mama just wants to take a nap!



Tired male lion



Lions can sleep even with insects crawling on their faces!

Zinj archaeological site is part of Oldupai (aka Olduvai) Gorge, where the first fossil remains of ancient hominids were found. At Zinj, you can look down and find rocks with fossils embedded in them very easily. This is where Mary Leakey found the most ancient of man’s ancestors, “zinjanthropus,” or Australopithecus boisei. 2-8 Zinj archeaological site-Oldupai



2-8 spot where Mary Leakey found bones of Lucy

This marker marks the exact spot where Mary Leakey discovered bones of Australopithecus boisei, one of humankind’s most ancient ancestors.


2-8 fossils & modern bones-Oldupai

Old and new fossils at Zinj. Fossilized bones are dense and heavy. Modern fossils are light. In this picture are also pieces of granite which was commonly found here, and held fossilized remains of animals.


Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our trip to Tanzania!









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