CFFC: Birds of Tanzania: Arusha and Tarangire National Parks

I did not expect to see so many beautiful birds while on safari in Tanzania! It was hard to choose the best of these, and I will showcase more birds in future posts that we encountered on our safari. The birds included here were sighted at Arusha National Park and Tarangire National Park.

One of the prettiest birds, which became a favorite with our group, was the lilac breasted roller.SONY DSC

Here’s another of this species in flight:

Red and yellow barbet

SONY DSCA common bird is the Egyptian goose.SONY DSC

At water’s edge, the blue heron rests.

Other birds near the water are more active – such as these storks fighting over a carcass!DSC03532.JPGAnd a vulture patiently waits.
DSC03528.JPGSome water birds are always found in large groups. Most of these flamingos are not fully grown – they gain their brilliant pink color as adults.SONY DSCSuperb starlings are ubiquitous, but I loved their shiny feathers!
I’d never seen a kingfisher with a red beak, but Tanzanian birds surprised and delighted me!
DSC03597.JPGAnother hornbill species

I believe this is an ibis.
We came across an egret convention while searching for hippos! They had gathered on both shores of a lake.
DSC03658.JPGThey were even up in this tree!DSC03669.JPG
Secretary birds are more often seen in the grass.
Where there’s a female ostrich…DSC03697.JPG
…you usually find a male ostrich.  Actually these two were part of a larger group, which is normal – ostriches usually travel in groups of 8 to 10 birds.DSC03698.JPG
Finally, another bird found in the grasslands of Tarangire National Park is the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. This one has a piece of a snake – its favorite food – hanging from its beak!

Cee’s Fun foto Challenge, 2/20/18

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