En Route to Ngorongoro Crater

Feb. 6, 2018     After breakfast at Tarangire Safari Lodge, we departed for the three hour drive to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We passed Lake Manyara, through the towns of Mto-wa-Mbu and Karatu, then stopped to pay our fees to enter the conservation area. We had boxed lunches that had been prepared by the staff […]

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CFFC: Rain and Rainbows

Taking photos when it’s raining often produces surprising results. A rainstorm started one Labor Day weekend when we were driving on the expressway in the early evening. With the help of a windshield and lights outside, it made for interesting swirls and patterns. Looking through the windshield at the traffic ahead of us: Rain on the […]

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FOTD: Blue Orchids

These blue orchids were for sale at a local supermarket. I had never seen orchids this color and I’m still not sure if this color is natural. Does anyone know? Cee’s Flower of the Day, 3/20/18

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That Extra Chromosome which makes her ‘Out of the World’!

Originally posted on satyaanveshan:
“The earth, together with all of its countries and people”, is what Oxford dictionary has to say about the word “World”. The ‘Earth’ represents the external gaze to this spherical entity hanging in the Universe, while ‘World’ is a perception from within (an inside out look). ‘Perception’, because it provides the…

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FOTD: Yellow Crocuses

I saw the neighborhood’s first crocuses yesterday! Actually, they were up by Friday, but didn’t really open until yesterday. Friday: Saturday: Spring is on its way!! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 3/18/18

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WPC: Hit the Road!

Feb. 5, 2018 Tarangire National Park, Day 2: WP Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “I’d Rather Be…” Back in the winter (although admittedly mild) weather in Chicago, I look back on our sojourn to Tanzania with longing, as I do with any trip we take, so I’d Rather Be Traveling. I’d rather be riding […]

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FOTD: Snowdrops!

The first flowers of spring have bloomed – snowdrops! This hardy perennial can be counted on to appear in March – when exactly depends on the weather. The last two years we have had relatively mild winters, so I saw them poke out of the ground in my garden the very first days of March […]

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