Mother and Cub on Serengeti Plain

Feb. 8, 2018

At long last (or so it seems!) we have seen our second species of big cats – cheetahs!  We came upon a mother cheetah and her cub and watched them for quite awhile.

Imitation2-8 cheetah mother & cub1


Mom stretches.SONY DSC

A little cleaning and then…SONY DSC

…rest.Amterdam-Tanzaia 965

WatchingAmterdam-Tanzaia 969

RelaxingSONY DSC

C’mon, Mom, let’s play!2-8 cheetah mother & yawning cubMom’s reluctant – she wants a nap! – but Cub is persistent.

Mom’s had enough and gives chase!SONY DSC


After that little romp, Mom lies down again, but Cub is restless. SONY DSCThey play fight!SONY DSC

Mom gives chase again.SONY DSC

When she tries to lie down again, Cub jumps on her!SONY DSC

Wrestling.SONY DSC

Chasing – don’t cubs ever get tired of doing the same thing over and over??SONY DSC

Apparently not!SONY DSC

But now it’s time to go.SONY DSC




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