CFFC: Sunrise, Sunset

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is sunrises/sunsets/night photos. Africa is a great place for sunrises and sunsets! Even on the plane, which arrived at Kilimanjaro after dark, I captured a pretty sunset:
2-2 sunset on airplaneSunset over Tarangire National Park, taken with Samsung Galaxy 7:
2-5 sunset over TarangireThat same sunset (this is classic!) taken with my camera, Sony 380:SONY DSCOne morning, we got up before sunrise to see animals early in the morning. This is the sunrise over Ngorongoro Crater, using Samsung Galaxy 7:2-7 sunrise-Ngorongoro
Southern Serengeti sunset (Sony 380)SONY DSCA few minutes later, after the sun went down:SONY DSCSunset that same day (Sony 380):SONY DSC

2-11 sunset over Serengeti

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